Feeling intimidated about starting golf? Not sure how to approach starting a new sport? Don't worry. Our instructors share 10 key tips every beginner should know!

Learn 10 Tips For Golf Success From Instructors At Our Calgary Golf Academy

If you're new to golf, these helpful tips will set you up for success!

1. It's A Game: Have Fun!

Golf's long history, as well as its pop-culture associations with the business world sometimes creates an air of seriousness around the sport. The game can also seem highly complex, with a wide range of equipment, rule variations, and courses. If you're feeling intimidated, remember that golf is a great way to get exercise, take in scenery, and socialize with others. Relax, take your time and have some fun.


2. Get Help From A Pro

Find a professional that teaches for a living and can show you everything about the game. our Calgary golf instructors teach you the skills you will need to play a round of golf but you will also need to learn about the equipment and the different holes you will be playing.


3. Don't Worry About Others

Many golfers worry that others are watching them and feel pressured when hitting a ball. The reality is that most people aren't paying much attention and it is just pressure you are putting on yourself. If you get joined up with others, just let them know you are a beginner and they will be glad to help.


4. Let the Game Teach You

Golf will teach you a lot about yourself if you let it. You will have great success on the golf course, along with great failures no matter what level of golfer you are. How you handle yourself in these situations will help you understand how you handle similar situations in your life. You will also get to see how others react to their own situation and yours. It is a great training ground for understanding and controlling your emotions properly. 


5. Don't Worry About Your Score

Golf scores are measured against something called par, which is a difficult thing to get on every hole. Simply being on a course, taking in the scenery, and meeting others is a great way to spend a day. If you aren't playing in a tournament, you don't have to keep score.

You should aim to finish each hole but you also don't need to hit the ball more than 10 times a hole. So if you finish a few holes and pick up on a few holes, that is great until you feel you can finish every hole and get a score.


6. Play On Time

Many beginners at our Calgary golf academy are nervous to get on the course and feel like they are holding everyone up. Golfers of all abilities and ages play together every day. The only time a group is going to get frustrated is if they have to wait. If you hit the ball 10 times down a hole, and no one has to wait, they won't even notice you. 


7. Learn Golf Etiquette

Etiquette is like table manners in golf: straightforward, simple, and appreciated.

We always remind our Calgary golf students

  • don't walk in front of someone when they are hitting
  • no talking when hitting
  • don't standing behind someone when they are putting

Table manners were learned by people mentioning not to chew with your mouth open. If someone lets you know you are standing in a place that isn't polite, just move and take no offense, they are just trying to helping you learn.


8. Learn The Rules, But Don't Panic

Golf is one of the only games with a rule book and then a decision book on the rules. We generally learn rules by breaking them and someone corrects us, and some of the best golfers in the world have rule infractions.

Our Calgary golf students learn:

  • where to tee off from
  • what to do with the ball when it's in play
  • how to properly mark your ball

It's key to understand that you are going to break some rules without knowing but that is how you learn. Over time you will learn many of the rules as you golf more.


9. Invest In Impressions After You've Played For Some Time

You can get good rental sets of clubs for practice, lessons and games until you decide to commit yourself as a golfer. Your instructor will also be one of the best people to help you find the right gear that fits you, your game and your budget.


10. Bring A Friend And Make New Friends

You have the potential to meet some of the most interesting people while golfing than anywhere else. It is a great way to spend time with a friend and create new friends. It is also a great family sport to connect with your family members.


Get In Touch With A Calgary Golf Instructor

If you're ready to start golfing, or are seeking lessons to boost your skills on the course, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team! Our expeirenced Calgary-based instructors will be able to help you find the right learning options for your skill level. Give us a call at 403-453-4653 or send us a message through our online contact form

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