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Private Golf Studios - Now Open!
New 11,000 Square Foot Indoor Training Facility!

We have transitioned from Hotel Arts to our very own 11,000 square foot indoor golf facility named "Total Golf".  We are located at 7005B 6th Street SE, a few blocks from the intersection of Glenmore Trail and Blackfoot.  The new space features:

  • 5 Golf Studios with 15-foot HD projection screens and the same state-of-the art ForesightSports launch monitors used by PGA Tour players and professional club fitters
  • 3 putting stations designed to help you groove your stroke from inside 10 feet.
  • a one-of-a-kind 60 foot "finesse range" where you can work on distance control with your putter and wedges
  • A Professional Series PuttView augmented reality putting green.  Here's a great video that describes this exciting new technology.

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Game Evaluation - $99

All of our golf programs begin with a one on one game evalution with a PGA of Canada instructor.  A game evaluation takes 60 min and we will have you play some golf, evaluate, set a goal and write a personalized practice plan for you. We measure results and guarantee you will reach your goal.  

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  • Golf 101 - This program is for beginners golfers looking to play the game and for golfers that are looking to break 100 on a consistant basis. 
  • Golf 201- This program is for golfers that are looking to shoot there personal best.  Trying to break 90 or 80 on a consistant basis. 
  • Golf 301 - This program is for golfers that are single digit handicaps and regulary shoot in the 70's.  Trying to break par and play competitive rounds. 


No matter your skill level or goals, our Calgary golf instructors can help you improve your game and refine your skills.

Private Golf Studios - Open Now!

We have now opened our private golf studios in our state of the art facility.    These are the worlds most accurate launch monitors by Foresight Sports and are within 1% of your actual ball flight outdoors.  

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Adult Golf Coaching 

If you’ve been playing and haven’t noticed any improvement in your game, it may be time for golf lessons. Maybe you’ve read some tips but haven’t had the motivation to implement them. Maybe you’re not sure what’s wrong. You could even be using the wrong clubs. Don’t let problems with easy solutions discourage you from the game. Golf Performance Canada can help.

Learn to golf with PGA of Canada-certified professionals dedicated not just to teaching you the game but teaching you to excel at it. We teach at two locations in Calgary depending on the season to make year-round lessons possible. Our coaching program was developed in-house using a combination of on course instruction, personalized practice plans, private coaching sessions and technology to ensure you reach your goals. 

Golf Performance Canada provides an opportunity to meet other players at your skill level through our community, which can make learning more fun. Golf isn’t just a series of motions, it’s an entire game and you need someone to show you how to play your best.  

We Guarantee Results and all you have to so is follow three simple steps

  1. Contact us and tell us a litte about your game or book your game evaluation online. (available year round)
  2. After your evaluation we will set a goal for you and lay out a personalized plan
  3. Follow your plan a play your best golf, Guaranteed!

Which Program is Right for you?

Are you new to the game? If so, welcome! If you are looking to break 100 (meaning you are looking to score 99 or better), and get into the double digits, our team of PGA-certified Calgary golf instructors are here to show you how. Learn More >

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Have you been golfing for greater than 10 years? Adults of all ages and genders are welcome to join our Golf 201 program designed to break your 80 or 90 barriers and get you playing golf with the vigour, and passion you once had. Learn More >

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Are you a serious golfer looking to shoot in the 70' or 60's on a regular basis? Learn strategies on the course and how to use your rounds to assess your game and put purpose to your practice. Adults of all ages and genders. Learn More >

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We've successfully helped golfers of all skill levels take their game to the next level. Give our team a call at 403-453-4653, or send us a message through our contact form.

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