Family Golf Lessons

Family lessons are an incredible way of detaching the kids from their devices, getting the family moving and for spending quality, productive time together. Over the past decade, we have coached many families and have found that in most cases, family members have improved their skill level and become more consistently involved in the game. If you’re interested in enrolling your family, here are the details:

  • 2-6 family members (children under 16)
  • Choose your PGA of Canada instructor
  • Length = 60 minutes per lesson.
  • Flexible scheduling (9AM-9PM, 7 days/week.)
  • Packages of 3 lessons.

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Golf is the perfect family activity. The golf course gets everyone outside (in nice weather) and encourages time spent together. Older kids can “help” younger kids; grandparents can keep up with their grandchildren. You can keep it lowkey by competing against yourself to improve your scores, or each other for a little friendly competition. July is even Family Golf Month! 

We offer family golf lessons for 2-5 family members. We request a maximum of two adults and that children be under sixteen years of age. The packages include three hour-long sessions.

Program Details

  • Kids must be under 16 years of age
  • Group is 2 - 6 family members
  • One adult is required in each group lesson
  • PGA of Canada Certified Professional
  • One Hour Lessons per session
  • Cost: $150 for 1 lesson, and $400 for a package of 3 lessons

3 Lessons Kids Learn on the Golf Course

Lesson 1: Self-Discipline

Many sports encourage self-discipline (practice is a must to master anything). But golf is a particular lesson in patience. The game can take a long time, it isn’t fast-paced to keep children’s attention, and you have to walk all over the course. 

Lesson 2: Respect

Unlike contact sports that may foster an aggressive attitude, golf demands respect. Because it is played individually, golfers must be mindful of other players using the course, instead of reserving a court for themselves. They must respect the course, and the rules of golf are founded on the basis of fairness. 

Lesson 3: Integrity

Golf is an individual sport. Score is kept with a tiny pencil that lacks an eraser, and often you keep it yourself. Few sports require you to mark your own penalties, and doing so instills a sense of honesty and integrity into children from the time they begin playing. 

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