Private Golf Lessons

Whether you're interested in improving your game, taking it to another level, identifying and correcting bad habits or you're just starting out, we have helped hundreds of students over the past decade. Here are the details:

  • Personal one on one lessons with a PGA of Canada Instructor.
  • Length = 60 minutes per lesson.
  • Flexible scheduling (9AM-9PM, 7 days/week)
  • Choose your instructor. 
  • Customized plans based on student objectives and our comprehensive assessment tool.
  • Discounted packages of 5,10 and 20 available.  

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Achieve Your Goals With Top Calgary Golf Instructors

The importance of golf lessons can’t be overstated. If you’re interested in playing the game, you need a solid foundation to build on, and if you’ve been playing a while, the best way to level up is with quality instruction tailored to your needs and interests. You can’t know what you’re doing wrong without someone to tell you.

Golf instruction is offered privately by Golf Performance Canada to students of every age and skill level in Calgary. Remember that with any learning opportunity, plateaus are an inevitable part of the experience. If you’re experiencing what you think is a setback or a plateau, come in for lessons to get you back in the swing of things.

We do this through a holistic approach focused on mental acuity, physical fitness, and technical improvement. We don’t just teach you a more precise swing, we teach you the game. And a game is meant to be fun. We believe that anyone can play golf and, in doing so, enhance their life.

Learn The Game, Not Just The Swing

Our lessons are tailored to our students' needs. If you need to begin with or work on improving your swing, we'll start there. But our lessons are more than repetitive drills. Our instruction is dynamic and while drills are certainly a necessary evil, we will make sure what we're doing is what you need to learn. Consider a two-hour skills assessment to determine where you can most improve. This measures every part of your game to determine areas to work on and then we work on them!

We offer equipment evaluation and club fittings because if you're using the wrong equipment it won't matter how many practice drills you do. We want to improve your whole game. Focusing on the whole game and not just the technical components like your swing can give you a greater understanding and appreciation for golf, and that context can and will make you a better player. We'll make sure you know which club to use in every scenario, and why.


Length of Each Lesson Number of Lessons Cost
*30 MIN 1 $75
*30 MIN 5 $325
1 HR 1 $130
1 HR 5 $600
1 HR 10 $1100
1 HR 20 $2000

*30 minutes lessons only available with some instructors

What You Need to Know for Your First Lesson


We offer year-round instruction at the following locations:

Elbow Springs Golf Club
240086 Lott Creek Blvd
Rocky View No. 44 AB T3Z 2V4

Riverside Golf Centre and NGA Dome
110 Point McKay Cres NW
Calgary AB T3B 5B4

What to Bring to Your Lesson

  • Patience! Come early and take the time to clear your mind and do some warm-up swings. You’ll be more likely to absorb what you’re learning and have an enjoyable session. And remember, one lesson isn’t going to undo years of problems. 
  • An open mind. You may think you know what’s wrong with your game, but if that were the case you’d be giving the lessons. Tell your instructor where things have been going wrong, like “the ball keeps going left”, but don’t try to diagnose why.
  • Curiosity. Ask questions! Especially if you need clarification. It can also help to ask why your instructor wants something to provide you with a better incentive to do it. 
  • Willingness. Give that new swing your instructor is showing you a few tries. 
  • Honesty. If you’re not practicing, it’s going to show no matter what you tell us. On the flip side, give your instructor feedback to help them meet your needs better. (But do try to practice between lessons.)
  • Goals. It’s easier to get better at something if you know what you want to improve.

Golf is supposed to be a sport that’s relaxing, that you can take pride in playing. Too often players leave the course frustrated. Lessons can help you enjoy the game more not just by improving your performance but your appreciation as well.

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