Semi-Private Golf Lessons

Semi-private golf lessons are a cost-effective way to learn or improve your golf game while integrating a social element with friends, family, colleagues or clients. Over the past decade, we have helped hundreds of students learn the game of golf, break bad habits, overcome limitations and even compete. Here are the details:

  • Form a group of 2,3 or 4 people.
  • Choose a PGA of Canada instructor of your choice.
  • Length = 60 minutes per lesson.
  • Flexible scheduling (9AM-9PM, 7 days/week)
  • Customized plans based on student objectives and our comprehensive assessment tool.
  • Discounted packages of 5 and 10 available.

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Semi-private Lessons

Semi-private lessons have the same quality care and instruction as private lessons, however they are offered in a group of up to four people. You and up to three friends can learn together!

Golf instruction is offered by Golf Performance Canada to students of every age and skill level in Calgary. 

Each lesson package is customized to your groups’ playing level and scheduling needs. You can discuss what package is best for you at the time of your first lesson. Book your first lesson and your instructor can recommend what package will help you most.


Number of People Number of Lessons Cost
2 1 $150
2 5 $700
2 10 $1200
3 1 $180
3 5 $850
3 10 $1500
4 1 $210
4 5 $1000
4 10 $1800

Corporate Group Lessons

We also offer corporate group instruction and provide corporate client days. The golf course is almost as important as the boardroom when it comes to doing business, especially here in Alberta. When it comes to entertaining clients, it’s easier to talk on the green than courtside. An investment in golf lessons is an investment in your business. 

Just as there are techniques to playing golf, there are techniques specific to playing business golf. Here’s some.

  • The biggest question in business golf is whether to let the other player win or not. The answer is not. Golf is built on fairness, respect and honesty. Play to your best ability, and you’ll win or you won’t. That’s not only the best solution, it’s the easiest.
  • If you’re playing golf, you’re already used to practicing patience. Wait just a little longer and don’t discuss business before the fifth hole. You’re here to have fun and make connections, not just sell something. 
  • It’s probably not a good idea to drink, contrary to popular belief (and practice). Save it for after the links. One reason to play business golf is to assess your potential client or partner, see how they respond to different situations, and build a connection. It’s easier to do that with a clear head.
  • Observe golf etiquette and business etiquette. One reason golf is popular with business people is that it’s steeped in tradition and history, resulting in a formal etiquette not typically found in sports. Business has its own rules, and it’s best if you follow both. Take your partner’s lead for atmosphere and always remember to send a thank you follow-up.

Golf is a game of strategy, patience, and technical prowess. It’s easy to see why someone who exhibits those qualities might be good at clinching the big deals. Learning to golf is learning to become that person. 


Small Group Package 

6-8 players, any level, topic of your choice
Instruction or games 
PGA of Canada Certified Professional
Range balls use of facility 
$250 per hour 

Medium Group Package

24 players, any level, topic of your choice
Instruction or games 
3 PGA of Canada Certified Professionals
Range balls use of facility 
$750 per hour 

Personal Touch Package

1 player, any level, 10 hours 
Regular weekly time spot for your client or staff member
PGA of Canada Certified Professional
$1100 for package of 10 hours


Food and Beverages
Round of golf
Gift (balls, towels, etc)
Wedge, Putter or club fittings

You can customize your experience outside of the suggested packages and we will ensure an enjoyable and impressive time is had

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