Tailored Lessons

Whether you're interested in improving your game, taking it to another level, identifying and correcting bad habits or you're just starting out, we have helped hundreds of students over the past decade. All of our lessons begin with a Game Assement with one of our PGA of Canada Professionals.  We want you to play better golf so we need to see you play to set some goals for you.

Here are the details:

  • Playing lesson with a PGA of Canada Coach.
  • Length = 60 minutes
  • Schedule based on availability.
  • Use our scoring method to understand course management.
  • Customized plans based on goals set after the round. 
  • Green fees and balls included.
  • $150

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Achieve Your Goals With Top Calgary Golf Instructors

The importance of golf lessons can’t be overstated. If you’re interested in playing the game, you need a solid foundation to build on, and if you’ve been playing a while, the best way to level up is with quality instruction tailored to your needs and interests. You can’t know what you’re doing wrong without someone to tell you.

Golf instruction is offered privately by Golf Performance Canada to students of every age and skill level in Calgary. Remember that with any learning opportunity, plateaus are an inevitable part of the experience. If you’re experiencing what you think is a setback or a plateau, come in for lessons to get you back in the swing of things.

We do this through a holistic approach focused on mental acuity, physical fitness, and technical improvement. We don’t just teach you a more precise swing, we teach you the game. And a game is meant to be fun. We believe that anyone can play golf and, in doing so, enhance their life.

Learn The Game, Not Just The Swing

We are coaches and want to show you how to play the game of golf.  How can a coach help you play better golf if they haven't see you play?  Consider a 60 Minute Game Evaluation to determine where you can most improve. We will show you a how to use our scoring method to improve your game. After the game we will set some goals and create a plan for you to work on.  

We offer equipment evaluation and club fittings because if you're using the wrong equipment it won't matter how many practice drills you do. We want to improve your whole game. Focusing on the whole game and not just the technical components like your swing can give you a greater understanding and appreciation for golf, and that context can and will make you a better player. We'll make sure you know which club to use in every scenario, and why.

What You Need to Know for Your First Game Evaluation

Location: Total Golf 7005B 6 Street SE Calgary, AB

What to Bring to Your First Game Evaluation...

  • Patience! Come early and take the time to clear your mind and warm-up before we play. 
  • An open mind.  We will help you understand exactly how to improve your game.
  • Curiosity. Ask questions!  
  • Willingness. 
  • Commitment.  We are going to ask you to commit to us but we are also going to commit to you by gauranteeing your results. 
  • A Goal. You will set a golfing goal with your Coach after the round and then determine how we can get you there.

Golf is supposed to be a sport that’s relaxing, that you can take pride in playing. Too often players leave the course frustrated. Lessons can help you enjoy the game more not just by improving your performance but your appreciation as well.

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