If you want to improve you need to compete, even if it is just a higher score than last week, a badge of accomplishment, or winning something big. There is a multitude of information on golf technique on all parts of the game but it has very little to do with how you improve. Let’s say you work on your swing technique with a few irons. How do you know if it helped? What if you can play a little game that gives you a score before your lesson, one after, and you can get scores based on how close you hit it to various targets. Shouldn’t that be the focus of your improvement? We want you to be able to measure what we teach you and your progress.

Foresight technology has worldwide competitions but also lets us create small tests that you can do to measure your progress in your journey to improve your game. Here are a few of the games you can play online….

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Foresight Competitions
Create a FSX Live Account and compete against other all over the world. Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, Foresight Skills Challenge ,online tournaments and more. 

Golf Performance Canada Competitions
Golf Performance Canada has created some skills competitions of our own. We want to measure your improvement when it comes to finesse (10-30 yards), wedges (40-100 yards), approach shot (100+) and drives. We have Golf 101, 201 and 301 competitions in block and random settings. Book a game evaluation if you would like to know all about what we do.

You can play a monthly league on the Foresight online platform. Stay tuned for local Golf Performance Canada leagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to compete or can I just play?

Yes you can just play. We do want you to be able to measure where you are with your game. You can compete with yourself on small challenges or you can reach for fame on the world stage.

Q: Can I track my sessions?

If you have an FSX live account you can track your progress on line and see how you do overtime. We also track your progress in lessons by using the challenges to benchmark your progress.

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